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●  Effective Sonic Teeth Cleaning: 

Patented magnetic levitation high-efficiency sonic motor, with lower noise and higher vibration frequency. The sonic toothbrush delivers 31,000-48,000 vibrations per minute, cleans up to 8 times more plaque than a manual toothbrush, helps reduce gingivitis, efficiently cleans tooth surfaces and crevices, while achieving a 60-day battery life.

● 5 Cleaning Modes: 

Cleaning, sensitive, massage, white and polish, different modes have different vibration frequencies and functions to meet different needs, deep cleaning while caring for sensitive teeth. The electronic toothbrush also has a memory function, which will automatically record the mode and Intensity when it is turned off, no need to reselect next time.

● 4 Replacement Brush Heads: 4 soft W-shaped brush heads (2 black brush heads + 2 rubberized brush heads). The black one contains special material to clean the teeth effectively and safely, and the rubber-coated one is full of bumps, which can clean the tongue coating. The brush heads perfectly fits the shape of the teeth and reaches the parts of the mouth that cannot be cleaned by manual toothbrushes. Each brush head has a transparent cover and no need to worry about dust problems.

● Wireless Charging & Storage Box:

Equipped with a charging base, 60 days of long battery life. The base can also be used as a toothbrush cleaning, 7 minutes to automatically clean the toothbrush heads. The case can hold a rechargeable toothbrush and 2 brush heads, very convenient to carry, perfect for travel or business trips.

● 2 Minutes Smart Timer:

IPX7 waterproof design, the sonic electric toothbrush for adults can be directly soaked in water for cleaning. The 30-second interval reminds you to move to the next oral part, and after two minutes of brushing, the electric tooth brush will automatically stop working to achieve the best brushing time.

Model: ET236

Battery capacity: 800mAh

1 x UALANS Electric Toothbrush

8 x Brush Heads

1 x Charging Base

1 x Storage Box

1 x Manual


1. Attach the brush head to the handle. You can use any kind of toothpaste. To avoid splashing, aim the toothbrush head at the teeth before turning on the toothbrush.

2. Brush your teeth by: guiding the brush head slowly from one tooth to another holding the head for a few seconds before brushing the next tooth. Brush your gums while brushing your teeth. Start with the outside of the teeth, then the inside of the teeth, and finally the chewing surface. Do not scrub or press hard, just let the brush do all the work.

3. Brushing modes provide different brushing pattern