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Brand Name: NoEnName_Null
Type: others

Battery Voltage Internal Resistance Tester Trithium Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Tester High Precision Battery Voltmeter Ohmmeter LCD True Four-wire Car Battery Tester
1. Smart Control with LCD Display: Equipped with intelligent control and an LCD display, this trithium lithium iron phosphate battery tester offers user-friendly operation and clear readings.Easily monitor the battery's resistance and voltage for efficient maintenance.
2.Internal Resistance and Voltage: This 18650 battery tester allows for simultaneous measurement of both the internal resistance and voltage of batteries.Get accurate and comprehensive information about the battery's performance with just one device.
3. Measuring AC Resistance:Apart from battery testing, this battery analyzer is also suitable for measuring AC resistance of capacitors and high-precision resistance of low values.It provides versatile functionality for various electrical components and applications.
4. High Accuracy, Efficiency: This battery detector tester boasts high accuracy in its readings, ensuring reliable results for battery analysis.With its efficient design, it delivers quick and precise measurements, saving time and increasing productivity.The device is lightweight and cost-effective, making it a practical choice for users.Additionally, it promotes energy efficiency and environmental friendliness.
5. Wide Range of Applications: This car battery tester finds extensive applications in battery production, maintenance, inspection, and scientific research laboratories.It serves as an essential tool in various industries where reliable battery testing is crucial.Feel free to modify or provide additional information based on your specific requirements.


Certification: NONE
Origin: Mainland China
Type: Household Battery Tester
Model Number: Battery Voltage Internal Resistance Tester
Measurement parameters: AC resistance, DC voltage
Basic accuracy: resistance 0.5%, voltage 0.5%
Speed: 5 times/second
Adjustment: Correct resistance and voltage separately
Measuring range:
Resistance: 0.0001mΩ~200Ω
Voltage: 0.0001V~±100V DC
Resistance range: automatic and manual 6 ranges
Voltage range: automatic and manual 3 ranges
Language: Switch between Chinese and English at will
Display results: LCD screen display, read-only
Battery: Built-in 1000mAh lithium battery (shipped with the built-in battery)
Shell material: ABS
Product size: about 165.00x80.00x30.00mm (6.5x3.15x1.18inch)

Battery Voltage Internal Resistance Tester/Battery Tester

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